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I have to draw vertical lines to identify the slot boundaries. Then, label each slot according to its form and function. At the end, I must identify its sentence pattern. I am clueloess with this!!

1. The evaportation of ocean water produces clouds. (___)
2. Geologists consider the Dead Sea a lake.(__)

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    "Slot boundaries"?? I've never heard this term used in English regarding grammar and/or usage.

    Here's one sentence taken apart. Perhaps then you can figure this out -- or repost with the definition of slot boundaries!!

    The (article modifying "evaporation")
    evaporation (subject of the sentence)
    of ocean water (prepositional phrase modifying the subject)
    produces (main verb of the sentence)
    clouds. (direct object of the sentence)

    The sentence pattern I see here is S-V-O.

    Tell us what you think about the other sentence.

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    Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Here are some sites on slot boundaries:

    1. (PDF file to download):

    2. (English Slot Grammar PDF):

    3. (an example PDF):

    4. (Britannica & Chomsky):

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