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what is the derivative of y=4secx^2=3cotx ?

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    Is the second = supposed to be a minus? In other words, is the function
    y = 4secx^2 -3cotx ?
    Also, do you mean (secx)^2, or sec(x^2) ?

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    Sorry about that. y=4sec(x^2)-3cotx

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    The derivative of secx is tanx*secx.
    The derivative of cotx is -csc^2x

    Treat sec*(x^2) as a function f of a function g(x). f(g) = sec g; g(x) = x^2
    d/dx[sec(g(x))]= d/dg(secg)*dg/x
    d/dx[sec(x^2)] = tanx^2)*sec(x^2)*2x

    Now add them all up, and include the constant coefficients

    dy/dx = 8x tan(x^2)*sec(x^2) + 3csc^2 x

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