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Math- algebra

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using L as the length and W is wide asume L is great then W . If a architect is makiing a swimming pool to go into a rectangular area of fencing and she uses 6 yards of fencing to enclose a rectangular area of 352 square yards what would the dinension be for L and W?

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    Is your 6 yards of fencing a misprint? That is not enough to enclose the required area.

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    yes it iws suppose to be 60 sorry

  • Math- algebra -

    Then L*W = 352 and
    2(L + W) = 60

    Solve the two simultaneous equations. Let L = 352/W
    2(352/W +W) = 60
    (352/W) + W = 30
    W^2 - 30W + 352 = 0

    There is no real solution. 60 yards of fencing is not enough to enclose 352 sq. yards. You need at least 75 yards

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