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Posted by Donna on Friday, July 4, 2008 at 7:41pm.

You are to evaluate how well the author used the points described in the text book about conformity and persuasion to explain their reasons for selecting Donnie. In 200 to 300 words. I think Donnie would more likely be persuaded by peer pressures. Although he's the same age as John, he sounds like he's a loner with limited support system. He's from a big city and he's attending a school in a rural area. Even though Iowa State is a bigschool, it's :out in the corn fields", and that will be very strange for Donnie. According to the text, conformity is changing your attitudes or behaviors to adhere to social norms, which are explicit and implicit rules that reflect social expectations and influence the ways people behave in social situations. I think the social norms would be very strong at a rural university because the rural communities tend to be more "closed" and so the norms are stronger because they're not diluted by lots of outside influences. So when Donnie joins the students there, they are more likely to influence him than the students at a looser group at New York University. According to the factors of conformity in the book, Donnie is more likely to need to feel he fits in and belongs because he didn't have a large support group at home. John had more friends and was more casual, so I think he'd have less of a need to "fit in" at his new college. Also the book says low self-esteem increases conformity. I think Donnie has a low self-esteem because he sounded like he was a bit of a loner. Also, I don't think Donnie had a lot of experience making friends. So as he began making friends at Iowa State, he's going to want to be like his new friends more than John would.

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