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Topic: Write a movie review.

Based on the 1980ís television series characters created by Ross Bagdasarian, Alvin and the Chipmunks is delightful family comedy that audiences are sure to enjoy. Alvin, Simon, and Theodore are sure to bring back childhood memories for parents and their modernized pop-scene music and dancing will instantly create young, new fans.
Dave, a failing songwriter, discovers talking chipmunks in his home. Initially he kicks them out, but soon discovers that they are a harmonious singing trio. Dave strives to provide a normal stable home life for the overnight stars with rules, bedtimes, and chores. However the money-hungry music producer Ian sabotages their relationship by spoiling the chipmunks and promising a life of luxury, convincing them that Dave is a hindrance (despite the fact that he is only looking out for the boys). After a grueling concert tour, the chipmunks realize that their previous rules and bedtimes were there for a reason and that Daveís intentions were sincere unlike Ian who is only using them to line his own pockets and is completely insensitive to their needs. In the end, Dave and the chipmunks work together to reunite and become a family once again.
The three, furry, digitally animated chipmunk characters were not only cute, but also very entertaining with their flawless acting. The actors playing Dave and Ian also receive two thumbs up as they perform their roles magnificently, effectively contributing to delivering the filmís messages. However, Claire (Daveís ex-girlfriend and neighbor) seems to be very amateur and delivers only a decent awkward performance.
In addition to being very entertaining, the movie also teaches very valuable lessons of the importance of discipline as the chipmunks discover the importance of Daveís rules, the dangers of fame and fortune as the chipmunks finally begin to see Ianís selfishness and corruption, and that a stable family is everythingówithout Dave, they cannot enjoy their success. The well-written script certainly presents its messages in an easy to understand format for kids, its intended audience.
Definitely worth seeing! Your kids will love it, and Iím sure youíll be quite fond of the heart-warming chipmunks also.

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