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Posted by Nicole on Wednesday, June 25, 2008 at 10:07am.

TOPIC: Write an essay in which ou analyze the changes in the literary selections you have read thus far, beginning with the Anglo-Saxon period and going thru the seventeenth century. What differences do you notice in the topics, themes, and writing styles? What similarities are evident? Use selections from each unit and cite specific examples to support your opinions.

Heroic epics such as Beowulf
common theme: heroic deeds

Medieval Period:
predominately religious themesg
The Canterbury Tales
famous quest: search for the holy grail
Common theme: contempt for the world

English Renaissance:
predominately worldly themes
printing press revolutionized reading and thinking
Shakespearean sonnets
themes: unrequitted love, idealistic and romantic depiction of life
Drama: Macbeth

Early 17th century:
Metaphysical poets
Cavalier poets

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