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The Flow of Energy Through Ecosystems. Then, complete Appendix C and respond to the following: Identify the fruit or vegetable you selected and relate the second law of thermodynamics to the changes in energy observed in Appendix C. How did the amount of energy gained compare to the amount of energy lost as heat at the second through fourth trophic levels? Considering the amount of energy required to produce animal-based foods and goods, should humans change their habits so they consume products closer to the bottom of the food chain because it is more efficient?

My answer
The fruit that I chose was the cherry. The total calorie per serving is 77. While observing these changes in energy in appendix C, I noticed the first producer and second consumer total of energy levels remain the same. However, it starts decreasing from the second consumer through the third consumer because thermodynamic is the relationship between heat and other forms of energy. In essence, the second law of thermodynamic elaborates the connection between entropy and the spontaneity of natural processes.
Human should consider to change their habits because animal-based foods and goods are the most damaging groups and immediate remedies is recommended in order to avoid major threats to the environment.

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