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Posted by Roxy on Tuesday, June 24, 2008 at 7:10pm.

The children noisily entered the classroom as usual after their lunch break. One little girl approached the whiteboard and posted a post-it note on it. Written on the note was a complaint she had from lunch. The teacher read the note and she signaled me to take a look at it. The note read, “Jocelyn said bowlchit at lunch today.” Both the teacher and I found the note amusing, but at the same time we were disappointed to know a first grader had said that. We were both amused by the fact that this little girl did not know the correct way of pronouncing or spelling this particular word. On the other hand, we were not proud of knowing this type of language is coming out of a six year old. In James Lileks passage, “The Talkies” James describes his frustrations when people talk during a movie in a comical manner, but the reader can sense how serious he is about people not talking during a movie. One may assume that children around this age are not aware of these types of curse words or perhaps they do not understand the meanings of them. My small role as a teacher assistant has taught me the significance of parenting styles and their effects on children’s behaviors.
Children most likely learn their behaviors from their parents. Parents who are strict will most likely have obedient children. Mike, a first grader, has a father who has an authoritarian parenting style. When Mike visits his father’s house, his father makes him clean and do the house chores. I remember Mike wrote a poem in class that described his experiences at his father’s house. In his poem he wrote, “I’m going to my father’s house. I will mop, mop, mop. I will dust, dust, dust. I will clean, clean, clean my father’s house.” From this poem I learned why Mike behaves the way he does. He is not one of the brightest students there, but he does put a lot of effort in trying to complete his school work. I remember when he was stuck on a problem he would approach me and ask for my help. He would not ask for the answers, but he would ask for the directions, and he would ask me what certain words meant or how to pronounce them. Compared to other students in the class he did not disrespect me or act inappropriately around me. When I tutored him with his math or reading he would not whine or complain about having to be tutored. I realized that his obedient behavior around adult figures is perhaps a result from his father’s parenting style. His father has given him many responsibilities at such an early age, and has taught him to obedient and respectful to people in authority.
On the other hand, if parents are easy going, there is a chance their children will be rebellious or disrespectful to others. David, Mike's classmate, is the youngest and only boy in his family. He has three older sisters, and according to the teacher, his parents have spoiled him for being their youngest and only boy. When he acts out of control in the classroom, his parents do not see anything wrong with their son’s behavior since they believe all boys are wild around this age. I remember having a rough time getting him to do his work in class. When he had a math assignment, I was there pushing and pushing him to do his work so he can finish it on time. I remember him constantly having a negative attitude towards class work. He would say, “I can’t do it. I don’t get it. I don’t want to do it. I don’t know how?” Every time he had a class assignment that did not have to with art, he would whine about having to miss out on PE or recess because he did not finish his work on time. When I tried tutoring him he would also complain or he would wonder off into his own world and start singing or making violent sound effects. The more I interacted with him the more I learned that his behavior is a result of poor discipline in his household. When I compare him to Mike, I realize that David perhaps has not been taught to have responsibilities in his house. He also has not been taught to respect authority figures since perhaps his parents allow him to be disobedient at home.
Overall, my thoughts on how to parent a child have changed because of my teacher assistant experience. I believe children should be given responsibilities at home because this will help prepare them with future responsibilities. It will also help them develop resilience and a more positive attitude towards work. However, I disagree that children should be given the sole responsibilities of their parents’ house chores. Parents should spend good quality time with their children. In Mike's case, I believe his father should dedicate more time to his son while he is young. Having this father and son time will benefit Michael in the long run. In the future if I have a child, I will like to include a balance between the authoritative and easy going parenting style.

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