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Posted by BabyM on Monday, June 23, 2008 at 5:10pm.

Can someone check out the spelling and grammar for me, please?

In this drawing, I was drawing cauliflower with some other vegetables. The vegetables was in the background and in the foreground, it was the cauliflower. This mainly should be a line drawing. The lines and shapes were accurate before I used graphite over it, after that, it was dark but it was fine yet could be better. The textures and patterns are rough and some parts I used cross hatch and some parts I used dots and mainly use random patterns. The first thing I did was to do a rough sketch out with a pencil. Then I experimented with other materials, i.e. bamboo stick and brush with ink, but it was too difficult to try and create the effect I had hoped for. Finally, since I didn¡¦t want this effect and I spread the ink out accidentally and couldn¡¦t start again and couldn¡¦t do anything on it, I wanted to use graphite to draw over it so I tried and managed to create a really dark picture. Although it might not look as like as the actually picture, the very dark tone and lines showed some sense and feeling to the drawing. The picture makes me feel annoying, the more I see the picture, the more lines I want to put on it. I think overall the whole thing has worked well and I may have been able to improve this by making the outline more clearly because the dark line/tones (graphite) have blocked it. Ideally if I could do this again I would move away from this dark lines, graphite, and use the bamboo stick to create all the chiaroscuro, i.e. contrasts. I would keep the same the dark background because I think that helped me to achieve the texture and mood of this drawing.

Can someone check out the spelling and grammar for me, please?

thank you very much!

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