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I need help understanding this assignment please.

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• Complete the following: Many teachers leave the profession after their first year as an educator. Examine programs that encourage individuals to stay in the profession of teaching and lower the attrition rate. Using Ch. 13 in the text and other resources (such as the Web and/or University Library sources), address the following questions in a 1,000- to 1,200-word paper:

o How does a mentoring program differ from an induction program?

o Are mentoring and induction programs equally effective?

o What kind of support is available for new teachers that participate in these types of programs?

o As a paraprofessional, what will your role be in a mentoring and/or an induction program?

o Based on your research, what do these programs lack and what kinds of additional features would improve these programs?

  • I need help understanding this assignment please. -

    Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Try GOOGLE searches for mentoring programs and induction programs. After you formulate your opinion, someone will be happy to help you.

    We do not have your textbook so we have no idea what is in Chapter 13, but begin there.

    If you were a first-year teacher would you prefer to just take over a class OR have a mentor to help you with difficulties?

  • I need help understanding this assignment please. -

    Mentoring, observation and interviews are three important strategies in developing student teachers. There is a free online study unit on The Open University's OpenLearn website on this. The unit, which gives a flavour of the Open University's flexible PGCE course, introduces student–teacher centred strategies both inside and outside of the classroom involving mentors, pupils, tutors and others to develop student teachers' professional skills and understanding. If you enter this phrase into Google you should find it on the OpenLearn website:
    Supporting professional development in Initial Teacher Training

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