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I need some help with the questions below.
Thank You

#1Which sentence is grammatically corret?
( My choice is A)

A.El río más grande del mundo es en sudamerica.

B.Africa no está tan grande como Eurasia.

#2 Which sentence is grammatically correct?
( My choice is A.)

A.Esta cosa es un lapiz amarillo.

B.Esta cosa es una lapiz amarilla.

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    Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help forum. In A. Sudamérica is capitalized and requires an accent mark. B. is correct IF you wish to say "doesn't SEEM" whereas "no es" would be "it isn't."

    In #2, A and B both require an accent mark on "lápiz" and with that accent mark, B is correct.

    If you don't know how to make accent marks with the computer, we can show you how if we know whether you have a MAC or a PC, with Windows or not.


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    P.S. Since this looks like an exercise between "ser" and "estar" you might like the following:

    Estar is used to express:

  • Spanish -

    P.S. Since your exercise looks like the difference between "ser" and "estar" you might like the following:

    Estar is used to express:
    1. Location or position
    2. Health
    3. Change from a previous state or condition.

    Ser is used to express:
    1. Characteristics or essential qualities.
    2. Or igin, possession and material, with "de."
    3. Occupations and nationalities.
    4. Time and dates.


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