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Lindsey has 75% as her final grade, but after she writes her exam she gets 85%.
If her exam is worth 7.5%, what is her final grade.

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    Multiply 75 by 0.925.
    Multiply 85 by 0.075.

    Add the two products together to get her final grade.

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    Don't you take 75x0.075= 6.375
    then add that to her final grade of 75% to get 81.375?

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    No, that's not correct.

    75% is an average of all of the work that she did during the semester.

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    Thanks but,I don't understand, because
    75x0.925= 69.375
    85x0.075= 6.375

    69.375 + 6.375= 75

    How can that be right? Where did you get 0.925 from. Isn't her final grade going to go up after her 85% on the exam.

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    I got the 0.925 by subtracting 0.075 from 1.

    By my calculations, the grade only goes up from 75 to 75.75. Rounded to the nearest percent = 75.75 = 76. A final grade of 76% makes sense because the exam is only a small part of the final grade.

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