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environ. probl-please revise

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Discuss an environmental problem that you feel is significant in your town or city. What are some causes? Are any of these causes related to human values and environmental ethics? Explain.

Environmental problem faces a variety of issues around the world not to mention the city where I live. Some of the largest problems now affecting the world are the following:
Acid rain, air pollution, global warming, hazardous waste, ozone depletion, water pollution, and rain forest destruction etc. Among those, I feel that air pollution is the most significant environmental problem in my city. Every environmental problem has causes, numerous effects and most importantly a solution. In essence, air pollution contains all contaminants base in the atmosphere. These contaminants can be found under the form of gases or particles. The dangerous part about pollution is that, it can be found indoor and outdoor.

Air pollution can be caused by both natural and human-based. As time progresses, human beings have been the biggest contributors of air pollution. There are also many different chemical substances that contribute to air pollution. These chemicals come from a variety of sources. As a result, they are now responsible for this signicant problem which is, releasing pollutant into the air. Among of all the causes that are affecting the city where I live, I can list the following: brush fire which is natural, heavy industrial use of chemical, and toxic substances from motor vehicles.

When we look back, air pollution has been around for a very long time. The affect of air pollution can be very diverse. It is an hazard to our health and also greatly affects the natural ecosystems.

Air pollution can easily travel because it is in the air. As a result, air pollution is not one city problem, it is a global concern. Areas that are more populated, do suffer more than others. In a city where a large number of cars are circulating daily, as well as the frequent use of coal by the population are at a greater risk of of being affected by air pollution .

  • environ. probl-please revise -

    Rose -- you wrote an interesting essay -- BUT YOU DID NOT ANSWER THE QUESTION.

    Your question was to discuss an environmental problem in YOUR town.

    If you post the name of your town, I'll be glad to help you find an environmental issue in your town.

  • environ. probl-please revise -

    Miami, fl

  • environ. probl-please revise -

    houton, tx

  • environ. probl-please revise -

    One of Miami's biggest environmental problems is that its sanitary sewer overflows sometimes. This is caused by storms, hurricanes, and Miami's low terrain just above sea level.

    Read this article for more information.

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