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Posted by rose -Ms. Sue on Tuesday, June 10, 2008 at 10:14pm.

What do the terms race and ethnicity mean to you?
Race which is a concept can be defined as a group of people that have the same sets of characteristics. It is believed that, the most commonly used factors that determine race are skin color, self-identification, traits and facial features. There are several races. However, if we are to follow that definition, there should only be one race; which is the human race. As human beings we share the same characteristics such as two ears, a mouth, two eyes, one head, two legs, and blood running through our veins etc.

When I think of ethnicity, I see a group of people who share the same cultural and physical characteristics such as religion, language, foods, customs and beliefs. Sometimes, ethnicity can also be viewed to describe or to characterize a minority group of a country.

Why are these concepts important to United States society?

These concepts are important to the United States society because they are used to be able to identify how many nationalities exist in the United States for census purposes. However, sometimes, this could be done also, for purely stereo typic reason. In reality, what does one race has to do with the Census? In the United States these questions are also used when applying for a job. Some people choose not to answer, the fear that this might prevent them from getting a job. In retrospect, one origin and nationality really does not dictate one’s ability to perform the job. As a result, ethnic and race can be thought of as either limiting or beneficial.

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