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Homework Help: Public Health

Posted by Donna on Tuesday, June 10, 2008 at 10:05pm.

Can you help me with these questions and explain why the answers are chosen. I think I have the answers but not quite sure how to write why I chose those answers.

Different measures of disease are useful to evaluate and assess public health programs and needs in different situations. For each of the following situations indicate (1) which measure (from the list below) would best be used, and (2) explain why you chose that measure.


A. To demonstrate that railroad crossings need to be safer to prevent car-train crashes = I
B. To demonstrate that a primary prevention program is successful = P
C. To demonstrate that a new leukemia treatment is successful = C or M
D. To estimate the healthcare facilities needed to support Alzheimer's patients = P
E. To argue that AIDS is a public health problem = P or I
F. The argue that heart disease should get more funding than AIDS = P
G. To demonstrate that a new screening program for breast cancer is effective = M

Measures of Disease

I=incidence rate
P=prevalence rate
C=case fatality rate
M=mortality rate (crude death rate)
A=absolute number of cases (counts)

Thank you

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