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a drinking fountain projects water at an initial angle of 50 degrees above the horizontal and the water reaches a maximum height of 0.150 m above the point of exit. assume air resistance is negligible. calculate the speed at which the water leaves the fountain. the readius of the fountain's exit hole is 4 x 10-3 m. calculate the volume rate of flow of the water. the fountain is fed by a pipe that at one point has a radius of 7 x 10-3 m and is 3 m below the fountain's opening. the density of water is 1 x 10+3 kg/m3. calculate the gauge pressurte in the feeder pipe at this point.

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    1.2.24m/s (or 2.26m/s)

    2. 0.000113

    3. 3.16 * 10^-4

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