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Two blocks are fastened to the ceiling of an elevator as in Figure P4.19. The elevator accelerates upward at 2.00 m/s2. The blocks both have a mass of 14.0 kg. Find the tension in each rope.

top rope:

bottom rope:

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    I assume that the figure shows one block hanging below the other.
    First the bottom block because it only has one rope attached.
    T up
    mg down
    F = m a
    T - m g = m a
    T = 14 (2+9.8) = 165.2 Newtons
    Now the top block
    New T up
    165.2 down
    m g down
    T - 165.2 - 14*9.8 = 14 * 2
    T = 330.4 Newtons

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