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Diving Radicals

Using \/ for radical sign

7 / \/X

This book has been confusing me.

The book gives the answer 7\/X / X.

Isn't the answer 7X?

  • Algegra -

    When I took algebra many many years ago they called this rationalization of the denominator. For some reason, mathematicians don't seem to like to leave fractions with a sqrt sign in the denominator. This is how you get it out.
    7/(sqrt x) =
    multiply by sqrt x/sqrt x to obtain
    7*(sqrt x)/(sqrt x)*(sqrt x) =
    7*(sqrt x)/x.

  • Algegra -

    Simplify. Write each answer in scientific notation.

    1) (5.86 × 100

    )(7.99 × 100


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