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Homework Help: Chem -plz check work

Posted by Sarah H on Tuesday, June 3, 2008 at 6:36pm.

so i've worked on this some more, now I am asking if someone will plz check my work

2 half cells in a galvanic cell consist of one iron Fe(s) electorde in a solution of iron (II) sulphate FeSO4(aq)and a silver Ag(s) electrode in a silver nitrate solution,
a)state the oxidation half reaction, the reduction helf reaction and the overall cell reaction. remember to eliminiate any spectator ions. describe what will happen to the mass of the cathode and the mass of the anode while the cell is operating.

b)repeat part a, assuming that the cell is operating as an electrolytic cell.

a)Fe(s) -->Fe+2(aq) + Ag(s)
oxidation: Fe(s) -->Fe+2(aq) + 2e-
Reduction: Ag+(aq) + 2e- -->Ag(s)

the massof cathode will grow bigger because it's gaining electrons

b)Ag(s) + Fe(aq) + energy -->Ag+(aq) + Fe(s)
Oxidation: Ag(s) -->Ag+2(aq) + 2e-
Reduction: Fe2+(aq) + 2e- -->Fe(s)
mass of cathode iwll grow bigger because its gaining electrons

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