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Posted by Tyree McCoy on Tuesday, June 3, 2008 at 9:40am.

11. “The branches had become so hard that they wounded your hand if you but tried to break
a twig. And yet, down under the frozen crusts, at the roots of the trees, the secret of life
was still safe, warm as the blood in one’s heart; and the spring would come again!” This
quote (page 79) is a metaphor for
A. Alexandra’s dreams. C. Emil’s career.
B. Marie’s soul. D. Carl’s heart.
12. Which character is not “tied to the plow”?
A. Lou C. Frank
B. Otto D. Emil
13. “I carefully walked across the floor.” Suppose this is a quote of the narrator in a novel
you’re reading. What can you determine about the novel?
A. It’s a tragedy.
B. It’s a comedy.
C. It’s written in the first-person narrative point of view.
D. It’s written in the third-person narrative point of view.
14. What inspires Emil at Amédée’s funeral?
A. His memories of Amédée’s happy marriage
B. The sight of his horse
C. The music
D. Frank
15. “She was a good girl, not to suffer.” What does this quote refer to?
A. Emil’s reflections after having to shoot his horse
B. Mr. Bergson’s reflections on his daughter Alexandra
C. Frank’s reflections after shooting Marie
D. Emil’s reflections on Amédée’s wife after his death
16. When Alexandra leaves Frank in prison, she says she will
A. try to get him pardoned.
B. beg for the death penalty.
C. send him care packages.
D. deliver his note to the governor.
17. When Alexandra says, “And the people who love it and understand it are the people who
own it,” she’s referring to
A. the hammock. C. an education.
B. the land. D. independence.

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