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11. How many years were Joe and Louisa engaged?
A. 7 C. 20
B. 15 D. 22
12. Which of the following stories is an allegory?
A. “Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge”
B. “Bartleby”
C. “The Yellow Wallpaper”
D. “The Tell-Tale Heart”
13. “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge” is ironic because
A. the South lost the war.
B. the bridge burns anyway.
C. the narrative interrupts with a flashback of Farquhar’s previous life.
D. what we think is happening actually isn’t.
14. “Bartleby” was written from the _______ point of view.
A. limited omniscient
B. dramatic/objective
C. omniscient
D. first-person
15. Louisa’s reaction to Joe’s return is one of
A. excitement. C. relief.
B. romance. D. consternation.
16. Which one of the following incidents is an example of exposition?
A. The woman tearing off the wallpaper
B. Bartleby’s death
C. The narrator hiring Bartleby
D. The breaking-off of Louisa and Joe’s engagement
17. Where does Bartleby die?
A. In prison
B. In the Dead Letter Office
C. On the street outside the narrator’s previous office
D. In the narrator’s arms
18. The resolution in “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge” occurs when
A. Farquhar is tricked by the visitor.
B. Farquhar’s body swings gently beneath the bridge.
C. Farquhar escapes the flying bullets and reaches the bank.
D. Farquhar’s wife steps from the veranda smiling joyfully.

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