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Posted by Tyree McCoy on Tuesday, June 3, 2008 at 9:38am.

3. What hobby does Louisa constantly engage in?
A. Spying on Joe C. Taking in stray dogs
B. Breaking hearts D. Sewing
4. Who visits Farquhar and encourages him to burn the bridge?
A. His wife C. A Union soldier
B. A Confederate soldier D. An English soldier
5. When Joe Dagget visits Louisa in “A New England Nun,” what does he rearrange?
A. Flowers in the blue vase near the window
B. Lavender cushions
C. Books on the table
D. Fine china
6. The narrator of “Bartleby” says his own two chief characteristics are
A. wealth and fame. C. discipline and punishment.
B. prudence and method. D. height and good looks.
7. Which one of the following statements accurately expresses the theme of “The Yellow
A. The best role for women is as housewives.
B. All women are being held in a kind of prison.
C. The best cure for insanity is rest.
D. Institutions for the insane need to be reformed.
8. Which one of the characters you read about is 12 years old?
A. The narrator’s daughter in “The Yellow Wallpaper”
B. Ginger Nut in “Bartleby”
C. Lily Dyer in “A New England Nun”
D. The son of the old man in “The Tell-Tale Heart”
9. When Farquhar dreams he has escaped, he imagines that
A. he’s shot.
B. another man is hanged instead.
C. his wife is dead.
D. he swims to shore.
10. How does Bartleby explain his refusal to perform certain tasks?
A. He doesn’t.
B. He becomes angry.
C. He blames it on his work at the Dead Letter Office.
D. He blames Turkey and Nipper for annoying him.

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