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Posted by John on Friday, May 30, 2008 at 4:29pm.

Using mime, as in the example, let's play the "Guessing the TV Program" game. Look at the model dialogue. You can answer either 'Yes, I do' or 'No, I don't' to the tag question 'You like music programs, don't you?' Now, let's do the group activity. First, I will write some expressions on the blackboard. You should copy them in your notebooks.

music programs
movie programs
sports programs
news programs
talk show programs
drama programs
educational programs

Think of one kind of program you like.
You should mime the kind of program you have in mind before your classmates. Number 34, stand up. Come up here. You have to mime the kind of program you have in mind. You can use any parts of your body, but you should not say anything. Do your best so that other students can guess what program you are thinking of. You can use your head, hands, arms, legs, etc. However, don't speak. Ready? Let's go. (To the other students) You should guess what program he has in mind. Raise your hand if you want to ask a question. OK. You, answer. You like movie programs, don't you. No, I don't. You guessed wrong. Any others? You, answer. You like drama programs. Yes, I do. OK. You guessed right. Now, it's your turn. Those who guessed right should come to the front and act theirs out. Will you come to the front and mime the kind of program you like from the blackboard? Using gesture, you should describe what programs you have in mind. You can express the program with gesture. for example, if you want to express 'sports programs', you can run shking your arms on the same place. OK. Well done. Go back to your seat.

I have corrected what you have written.
Would you check them again?

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