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how would i figure out this question?

assume that 5.60 L of H2 at STP reacts with CuO according to the equation: CuO+H2 yields Cu+H2O
a. how many moles of H2 react?
b. how many moles of Cu are produced?
c. how many grams of Cu are produced?

i have no clue what im doing! can you show me the steps on how to do this? thanks!

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    1. 1 mol of a gas occupies 22.4 L at STP. You have 5.60 L. So how many mols will that be?
    2. Convert mols H2 to mols Cu using the coefficients in the balanced equation. Your prof may have called this dimensional analysis.
    3. Convert mols Cu to grams Cu. grams = mols x molar mass.

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