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Posted by John on Monday, May 26, 2008 at 10:02pm.

Look at the picture below. On the TV screen we can see a cartoon. What can we watch on TV? We can watch talk shows, soap operas, news, movies, etc.

Lesson Objective
TV is an important part of our lives. Let's find out good points and bad points about TV.

Communication Function
Asking opinion
Saying one's own opinion
Asking what the other person likes
realistic information

How often do you watch TV
What does Minda think about TV?
She thinks its's fun. Look at the picture. She is clapping in the picture.

In picture B, she is waving her head. She doesn't seem to be happy. It mean that she doesn't like TV. So the correct one is a. You shoule draw a line around a.

What kind of TV programs do you like?
What does Mina like?

She likes cartoons. Look at picture A. This picture is about a cartoon. Picture B is about music. Circle a.

Listening Activities.
Listen carefully and choose the picture which is suitable for the content of the dialogue, and write down the number in each box in the picture.

Lok at the picture in the middle. The boy is listening to pop music with headsets. He is holding a CD case in his left hand.

Listen carefully, and draw a line finding out what is asked of the three persons.

I translated my mother tongue into English. Would you check them, please?
If there are any errors, correct them, please.

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