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Homework Help: Latin

Posted by Anonymous on Saturday, May 24, 2008 at 11:49am.

1.'hic Danaos ad tecta ruentes 2.cernimus,obsessumque acta testudine limen.
3.haerent parietibus scalae;postesque sub ipsos
4.nituntur gradibus,clipeosque ad tela sinistris
5.protecti obiciunt,prensant fastigia dextris.
6.Dardanidae contra turres ac tecta domorum
7.culmina convellunt.his se,quando ultima cernunt,
8.extrema iam in morte parant defendere telis.
9.auratasque trabes,veterum decora alta parentum,
10.devolvunt.alii strictis mucronibus imas
11.obsedere fores.has servant agmine denso.'

Find 2 examples of a)alliteration, b)assonance, c)chiasmus and explain why they are effective.
am i right to say there is alliteration in l.6 and l.7
assonance in l.7 and l.9 and
chiasmus in l.1 and l.9
I'm not sure what makes them effective

With specifice reference to the latin text show how Aeneas makes it alive for his listeners. (i'm struggling with how you this part)

Please help!

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