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chemistry - please help!

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#1) how many atoms are represented by 2.0 mol of carbon? I think 12.01 x 10^23

#2) Calculate the # of atoms of each element present in 3.67 mol of H^2SO^4...I have no idea how to do this one?

  • chemistry - please help! -

    #1) Your answer is OK. It can be rewritten as 1.201x10^24 carbon atoms.

    #2) If you have 3.67 mol H2SO4,

    mols of hydrogen=(3.67)(2)=?
    mols of sulfur=(3.67)(1)=?
    mols of oxygen=(3.67)(4)=?

    Multiply each of the answers above by Avogadro's number, 6.02x10^23.

  • chemistry - please help! -

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