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Posted by Eric on Thursday, May 22, 2008 at 8:42pm.

I need to relate the song "Don't Matter" to Romeo and Juliet. I need to talk about how it relates to the play (character, theme, events...etc.)

the lyrics for "Don't Matter" :

Nobody wanna see us together
But it don't matter no
'Cause I got you babe
Nobody wanna see us together
But it don't matter no
'Cause I got you babe
'Cause we gonna fight
Oh yes we gonna fight
Believe we gonna fight
We gonna fight
Fight for our right to love yeah
Nobody wanna see us together
But it don't matter no
'Cause I got you

Nobody wanna see us together
Nobody thought we'd last forever
I feel 'em hopin' and prayin'
Things between us don't get better
Men steady comin' after you
Women steady comin' after me
Seem like everybody wanna go for self
And don't wanna respect boundaries
Tellin' you all those lies
Just to get on your side
But I must admit there was a couple secrets
I held inside
But just know that I tried
To always apologize
And I'ma have you first always in my heart
To keep you satisfied


Got every right to wanna leave
Got every right to wanna go
Got every right to hit the road
And never talk to me no more
You don't even have to call
Even check for me at all
Because the way I been actin' lately
Has been off the wall
Especially toward you
Puttin' girls before you
And they watchin' everything I been doin'
Just to hurt you
Most of it just ain't true
Ain't true
And they won't show you
How much of a queen you are to me
And why I love you baby

can you please tell me how it relates? thanks.

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