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A Jet airplane leaves an airport traveling at a steady rate of 600km/h. another jet leaves the same airport 3/4h later traveling at 800km/h in the same derection. how long will the 2nd jet take to overtake the first?

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    The equations for the distance travlled by the two planes are
    X1 = 600 (t + 0.75) and
    X2 = 800 t
    where t is the time after the second plane leaves.

    Set X1 = X2 to find the time t when Jet 2 overtakes Jet 1

    800 t = 600 t + 450
    200 t = 450
    t = ? hours

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    i don't really get what you just said

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    What part don't you understand?
    X1 is the distance travelled by the first car to leave. X2 is the distance travlled by the second car to leave.

    I left you the last step to solve.

    t = 450/200 = 2.25 hours is the answer

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    Omg im doung this exact problem in my math hw rn😂

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