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Posted by rose- Ms. sue on Tuesday, May 20, 2008 at 10:13pm.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What might be attractive to one might not be to another.

I do not believe that certain attributes are universally attractive because everyone has their likings. For example, just because I am attracted to a man with long hair and a washed board stomach like Fabio, does not mean that everyone else is. Although, there might be a lot of people who agree with me, the word universal is obsolete.

It is my belief that attributes can be both intrinsic and learned. Intrinsic attributes belong to your nature, these attributes are things that you are born with and that you are naturally inclined to; for example, having a race preference, black versus white, being attracted to big versus thin, tall versus short and sexual preference, same sex versus opposite sex. On the other hand, learned attributes are acquired mostly through association.

The media and oneís peers portray an image of what beauty should be. For example a six foot tall model with a size 0. Therefore, the media and the peer create a false and unrealistic image of what beauty should be. This leads to believe that anyone who does not fit this profile is odd and ugly. i.e. . ninety percent of the population.

A variety of factors influence the perception of attractiveness in sexual and romantic relationships. In essence, attraction is influenced by cultural and societal context because one will never be able to know why some people like abstract art while others prefer landscape.

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