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Assume that a reaction occurs in which unknown substances R and S react to form unknown substances T and U. From the information below, determine the mass of substance T that will be formed if 45.0 grams of substance R reacts with 23.0 grams of substance S. (Assume that the reaction between R and S goes to completion.) (20 points)

1.Substance R is a gray solid that consists of an alkaline earth metal and 37.5% carbon by mass. A sample of substance R that contains 4.0 x 1019 formula units has a mass of 4.26 milligrams.

2.47.9 grams of substance S contains 5.36 grams of hydrogen and 42.5 grams of oxygen.

3.When 10.0 grams of substance T is burned in excess oxygen, 33.8 grams of carbon dioxide and 6.92 grams of water are produced. Mass spectrometry determined the molar mass of substance T to be 26 g/mol.

4.Substance U is the hydroxide of the metal in substance R.

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