April 16, 2014

Homework Help: math please explian

Posted by Lucy on Sunday, May 18, 2008 at 7:38pm.

an invoice for office supplies is shown
below. Based on the informstion in the invoice calculate the invoice total
Note: Shipping charges are $ 110.10

Stock number quantity unit merchandise
description unite price
24795 150 ea calculator $10.63
32678 150 ea stapler $4.95
82493 80 box pencils $1.29
67028 50 box erasers $2.48
75962 25 box paper $15.49
49753 75 box pens $8.58

ok I think I got it but not sure do I x the quantity x unit price then add the totals together an then add the $110.10 for shipping

thanks for your help

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