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will somebody please create a table that lays out a day-by-day plan to use as a job aid for your employment search spanning 3 weeks. i have been up two days trying to do this and it is all new to me.

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    First decide on the kind of job you want.

    You'll need to read want ads, check online job sources, your college placement office and network with friends.

    Contact bosses, teachers, and leaders of any activity for which you've volunteered. Ask some of them for written recommendations.

    You'll also need to send resumes and cover letters to those who are hiring.

    It also helps to walk around areas you'd like to work, looking for Help Wanted signs.

    Put all of this into a day-by-day schedule for 21 days, making sure you leave ample time and have the flexibility to go to job interviews.

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    Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Here is something you can use as a "guide:"


    2. (an answer from Jiskha last year to the same assignment):
    On Microsoft word, click on the "Table" tab, go down to "Insert" then to "table" and click. A box will pop up asking you the number of rows and columns. You want 6 columns and 4 rows. Then click okay, and your table will pop up. In the second column of the first row type in Monday, type in Tuesday on the third column, etc. through Friday. On the second row, first column, type Week 1, and week 2 on the third row, etc, and you will have your calender. From there on out, you can post what you did each day.


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    From May 13:

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    hmmmm I have answer, why don't u do your own college work?

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