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How do you say ride as in riding a ride in an amusement park?

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    also, how do you say "when I was birdwatching, I was lucky enough to see the Florida scrub"

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    Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. You should make an attempt to DO the work, because we are here to HELP but not to DO it first.

    to ride = faire une promenade (in a car, on a motorcycle, on horseback, etc.)

    When you can't find a word (such as birdwatch) SIMPLIFY it by saying it in another way. While watching birds, etc. To be lucky, enough, to see, Florida will all be in a good dictionary.
    scrub = (underbrush?) = les broussailles

    Now, do your best and repost for further HELP!


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    So uhh... "Quand j'été regarder les oiseaux, je vois le (whatever scrub is) de Floride. (NOTE:It's a kind of bird)

    Just look it on on wikipedia or something...

    and, "Je fais une promenade sur le Big Thunder Mountain Railroad en DisneyWorld.

    I'm tyring to say I rode on the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at DisneyWorld

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    Thank you for trying this. "I was watching" is an English cue for the Imperfect (rather than the passé composé which is action and translated "did watch)...
    Quand je regardais les oiseaux, heureusement j'ai vu le "scrub" de la Floride.

    Sorry but the only information about that bird is that it's a rare bird from Australia. You might say "un oiseau très rare." Another word is "un merle blanc" which also means "a rare bird."

    À Disneyland j'ai fait une promenade dans le chemin de fer de "Big Thunder Mountain" = la montagne de gros tonnerre.


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