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Posted by Nathalie on Saturday, May 17, 2008 at 10:13pm.

I asked a question about the monarchs of England earlier, and I did my timeline. Except there are supposed to be 23, and I only have 22. I am not supposed to add the monarchs of the Hundred years War or the Wars of the Roses. Can someone please check to see if I am missing one?

1. William the Conqueror
2. William II Rufus
3. Henry I
4. Stephen
5. Henry II
6. Richard I the Lion Heart
7. John
8. Henry III
9. Edward I Longshanks
10. Edward II
11. Edward III
12. Henry VII
13. Henry VIII
14. Edward VI
15. Mary I
16. Elizabeth I
17. James I
18. Charles I
19. Charles II
20. James II
21. William III and Mary II
22. Oliver Cromwell


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