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Posted by amy on Friday, May 16, 2008 at 11:42pm.

summarize part a ( the data i showed you) in a data table containing heading: anode, cathode, overall cell reaction, and cell potential . for each cell combination, write the anode half reaction, the cathode half reaction, the overall reaction in the cell notation ( the concentration of all solutions is 0.1M) and the potential in volts

CuSO4(cathode)and Al2(SO4)3 (anode)--[0.050V]

cuSO4(anode) and ZnSO4(cathode)-- [0.048 V]

MgSO4(anode)and ZnSO4(cathode)--[0.284 V]

ZnSO4(anode) and AlSO4(cathode)-- [-0.056V]

Al2(SO4)3(cathode) and MgSO4(anode)--[0.966 V]

CuSO4(cathode)and ZnSO4(anode)--[-0.484]

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