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Are these correct:
1a) Find the lateral surface area in square inches of the cone with the following dimensions: h= 24 in, radius = 10 in, slant height = 26 in. (Use Pi= 3.14)
I didn't know how to do:

Lateral Surface Area = ______ square inches (exact answer)

1b) Find the Total surface area in square inches

Total Surface Area= 816.814159 square inches (exact answer)

1c) Volume in cubic inches

Volume = 2513.2741228 cubic inches (exact answer)

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    1(a) The lateral surface area of a cone is pi R S, where S is the slant height and R is the radius.

    Your 1(b) and 1(c) should not be called exact, since you used 3.14 for pi. They can be accurate to three significant figures only. It also appears that you did not include the area of the base in 1(b)

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