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Very hot zinc will react with steam to form zinc oxide and hydrogen. What volume of steam would be necessary in order to use up 20.0 g of zinc completely? What volume of hydrogen would be produced in this case?

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    1.Write the equation.
    2. Convert 20.0g Zn to mols Zn.
    3. Using the equation convert mols Zn to mols H2O (steam).
    4. Convert mols H2O (steam) to volume using mols x 22.4 L/mol = ?? L.

    The part on hydrogen is a separate question but is worked by the same principles.

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    I did step two and got .3057 but how do i do step three?

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    when temp 700-900c zinc metal (99.99%) fumes quenching with super heated steam (190-200c)not ceturated steam, zinc react with oxygen make zinc oxide and hydrogen librated, u have need 55.5 gram water for 20g zinc metal in libority micro test

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