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A cylindrical storage tank has a height of 100 feet and a diameter of 10 feet.

(Use pi = 3.14)

What is the lateral surface area of the tank?
How do i find lateral surface area of the tank

What is the volume?
7850 cubic feet

What is the volume in gallons of water if 7.48 gallons= 1 cubic foot?
58718 gallons

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    lateral surface area is defined as the total area excluding the base.

    so here it would be the "sleeve" of the cylinder, which would be a rectangle, plus the circular top

    the length of the rectangle is the circumference of the circle.

    so area
    = 2pi(5)(100) + pi(5^2)
    = 1025pi or appr. 3220 square feet

    Volume = area of base x height
    = pi(5^2)*100
    = 2500pi or 7854 cubic feet

    no. of gallons = 7854*7.48 = 58747.8 gallons

    I used the calculator value for pi, you used 3.14, this explains the relatively small error in your answers.

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    The lateral surface area of a 3 dimensional body is the external surface area you would see by walking around the body or when viewing the body sideways. For instance, the lateral surface area of a cylinder is 2PiRh where R is the radius of the cylinder and h is the height of the cylinder. Lateral surface aerea does not include the area of the circular end surfaces.

    Therefore, the lateral surface area of your cylinder is 2(3.14)5(100).

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