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A swimming pool that is 100 feet in length by 10 feet deep and 40 feet wide is filled with water

how many gallons of water are in the pool.

(1cubic foot of water = 7.48 gallons of water)

well for the volume of the water i got 40,000 cubic feet

then for the gallons i thought that you would take 40,000 and divide it by 7.48 and get 5347.59 is this correct

  • Math -

    volume = 100*10*40 ft^3 = 40,000 ft^3 correct
    However when doing units, make sure the ones you do not want cancel

    40,000 ft^3 * (7.48 gal/ft^3)
    ft^3 on the top cancels ft^3 on the bottom and gallons are left
    299,200 gallons

  • Math -

    A swimming pool is being drained. The number of gallons of water in the pool changes with time t according to the equation G = -4t + 100.

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