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Homework Help: Spanish

Posted by John on Wednesday, May 14, 2008 at 1:48pm.

Sorry If I am botherthing you again, But I have another assignment:

You're visiting a botanical garden. As you enter the gate, you read the sign. Fill in the missing verbs:

1. (pagar)----------la entrada en la caja
= pagues

2.(entrar)No ---------sin pagar!
= entres

3. (mirar)---------las flores!
= mires

4. (tocar) No----------las flores!
= Toques

Several friends are helping you set up for a party. Tell them what to do.(note: this exercise was kinda confusing to me, but I tried my best):

1. (colgar) Ricardo,----------los globos ahi!
= Colges

2.(poner) Gladys.---------- los refrescos en esa mesa!
= pones

3.(traer) Estela, no---------el pastel ahora!

4.(prepares) Mirta,---------la limonada ahora!
= prepares

5.(ayudar) Mirta, --------a Arturo con las decoraciones!
= ayudes

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