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Homework Help: Western Civilization

Posted by Jarrod on Tuesday, May 13, 2008 at 10:37am.

I have five questions asked here. Feel free to answer just one of them, only, please use the numbering system I have set up here. Thanks so much!

1. Why do you think World War Two erupted so soon after World War One, which was supposed to have been “The War to End All Wars”? Consider at least two
possible causes in answering this question.

2. Connect the causes and events of the World War One (1914-1918) to two of the
following concepts: 1) Industrialism, 2) Nationalism, 3) Imperialism. Which of
those ideas do you believe better defined the war? Why / How?

3. Why did the Soviet Union and the United States, WWII allies, mistrust each other so fundamentally after the Second World War ended? What do you believe was
the main reason for that mistrust and why?

4. Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Party grew, to some extent, out of nineteenth century German nationalism. At the same time, V.I. Lenin’s Bolshevik Party derived its ideas from nineteenth century Marxist socialism. Explain what these two
transformations tell us about politics in the early-to-middle twentieth century.

5. Moisés Naím, in his book Illicit, argues that the twenty-first century carries with it a new set of challenges for the Western world. Based on a topic of your choice
that we have covered this semester, do you think the difficulties Naím brings up are milder or more severe than others that the so-called ‘West’ has faced in the

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