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A plant manager built a storage container that is 4 yd long, 10yd wide, and 2 yd tall to store foam reanuts. If the manager purchases bags that contain 7FTcubed of peanuts how many bags of peanuts will it take to fill the container? I converted the yd's to ft and calculated the volume as below.

I went with the volume of the contain as 2,160' with the volume of the peanut bags as 343' so I said 6.3 bags is that right?

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    Lets see: the volume in ft cubed is 4*10*2*27=2160 so you are right there.
    Divide that by 7, so about three hundred bags. I don't know what you got the 343 number from.

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    I had taken the 7ft cubed as 7 cubed. Not knowing the difference in the two. I'm only 5th grade.

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