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Stock automobiles containing dummies in the driver seats crashed into a wall at 35 miles per hour. National Transportation Safety Board officials collected info on how the crash affected the dummies. One variable scored the extent of chest injuries sustained by the dummies (hihger score=more extensive injury)

We were given a list of 51 different cases noting the make of the car, the model of the car, the head injury, the chest injury, and the wt size (for example the first one was chevrolet (make), Beretta (model) 343 (head injury) 37(chest injury) 2671 comp (size)

Perform a one way ANOVA using spss to test for different chest-injury schores in the different makes of cars. Is there a significant effect )at the 5% level) If so perform multiple comparisons using spss using the bonferroni method. What is your overall conclusion?

First I put it all in spss but I have a couple of questions...
1) for the size do i literallywrite 2671 comp or just plain 2671 or does it even matter?

2) I tried getting a one way anova not sure exactly what table im looking for I thought i was just looking for a table that contains the sum of squaresbetween,within, and total ; DFbetween, within total ; mean squarebetween,within,total ; F-ration between ; significance between or do they not give this information to you?

I tried to press "analyze"-->"compare means"-->one way anova...a box came up and said what i wanted to put as the independent variable and as the factor. The only two choice it gave me to put in these boxes was chest injury and head injury but i know that the independent variable is chest injury but the "factor" i thought was model but they did not give me an option of putting it in there (I think this is because when i click "variable view" at the bottom the "make", "model", and "wt size" are considered "string" (no idea what this means), and nominal (I guess wt size is considered that becuase i typed in "comp" next to the number.) Chest injury and head injury are both considered "numeric" and "scaled" i am not sure how to get Model into the box that says "factor"....i tried changing "model" in the variable view to scale, but when i went back to the list all the models had question marks next to it...I tried changing "model" to numeric but the same thing happened....then i did both and again the question marks popped up

So i found another way to try and produce an Anova table by clicking analyze--->general linear model-->univariate now I got my dependent variable as "chest injury" and factor as "model" which was good then i pressed options and clicked all the boxes (homogenity test, parameter estimate, observed power, lack of fit, descriptive statistic etc...) hoping that one of them would be the ANOVA but none of them were...

If anyone can help me-id really appreciate it!!

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