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English 102(writing in the discipline)

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I have a problem bout my subtopic of my research paper. This is my Outline

The Importance of Networking
in Business

Networking is the most effective way in
making your business grow faster.

I. Importance of networking in business
II. Types of network used in business
A. Wide area networks (WANs)
B. Local area networks (LAN)
1. Peer to peer networks
2. Client/server networks
C. Virtual private networks (VPNs)
D. Intranets
E. Extranets
III.Ways to network in business
A. Build relationships with other
B. Meet new people
C. Leverage your network
IV. Advantages of using networks in
A. Improve communication
B. Reduce costs and improve
C. Reduce errors

Is it enough to prove my thesis statement? I have a problem with my subtopic on the third roman numeral, my problem is I've made it on my own. Now where can i find the answers to my subtopic III.? can anyone help me on this? I will appreciate it.... Thank you very much to jiskha homework help and to all the experts who volunteered to help... thanks

  • English 102(writing in the discipline) -

    Your outline looks great.

    My son-in-law, an insurance agent, has gotten a lot of business through his networking group. It meets weekly for breakfast where they trade ideas and get acquainted. Whenever one of the networkers or their family and friends needs a service, they tend to do business with each other.

    Check this site.

  • English 102(writing in the discipline) -

    Thank you very much Ms. Sue

  • English 102(writing in the discipline) -

    You're very welcome, James.

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