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Homework Help: English; grammer

Posted by Lena on Sunday, May 11, 2008 at 2:36pm.

Could you please tell me if I have properly identified the part of speech of each word. If I have made a mistake, could you please correct me.


Word: femurs
Sentance:Jawbones, hipbones, femurs.
Part of Speech:NOUN

Word: Apache
Sentance: White smoke puffed like Apache signals from the corner of his mouth.
Part of Speech:ADJECTIVE

Word: charade
Sentance: While the judges went through the charade of conferring, a film was shown.
Part of Speech:NOUN

Word: amorphous
Sentance: So I watched the once amorphous student body separate itself into hundreds of individuals.
Part of Speech: ADJECTIVE

Word: convoy
Sentance: The convoy rolling across the desert that evening stretched for a couple miles.
Part of Speech:NOUN

Word: spiel
Sentance: Kevin went through the opening spiel.
Part of Speech:NOUN

Word: pantomime
Sentance: Sarah’s pantomime remains the best I have ever seen.
Part of Speech: NOUN


Thanks in advance =)

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