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Posted by rose - Ms. Sue on Friday, May 9, 2008 at 9:01pm.

Below is your Week 5 Day 7 CheckPoint: Persuasion & Conformity Scenario Assignment. You are to write a 200- to 300-word critique of the response. Include a summary of the decision stated in your assigned response, whether or not this response has made you see the scenario differently, and your critique of your classmate’s rationale:

Conformity Response

"I believe that Donnie will be more likely to be persuaded by peer pressures. While John grew up in a small town, and is now in a large city, he’s an athlete. He is a confident young man who knows what is important. He will probably have friends that have the same sense of self as he does. Donnie on the hand, grew up in a large city and is a musician and in a band. As his musical career begins to take hold, he is going to feel even more pressure for success and the need to “belong”.
There will be a lot of temptation for Donnie. The other people in the band and in the industry will offer alcohol and drugs, and perhaps even say that everyone is doing it. Donnie will probably feel the need to fit in thinking that this irresponsible behavior will help him advance his career, when in fact the conformity thought, do many make right, is just that, a thought. If he does give in and do this behavior, it can lead to missed classes due to him being tired or hung over. He may even decide that college isn’t necessary for his career playing in a band.
Even though both students will face many temptations throughout their college experience, I think Donnie will have the more difficult time avoiding and conquering the many attacks of peer pressure he’ll be presented with."

My response

The conformity response has a lot of valid points. Donnie is in a band, is a musician and the music environment that he is exposed to day in and day out just bring a lot of tress. The people in this industry tend to be exposed to a lot of peer pressure and turn to drugs and alcohol as a mean to escape and to boost their inspiration. However, lets not forget that Donnie comes from a big town where he is most likely has been exposed to a lot of these influences.
He clearly states that Donnie had few close friends in high school and his attention was mainly focused on school and music. We also know that Donnie is determined and focused in succeeding in his music career. In high school, peer pressure could be just as strong as it could be in college; and nowhere that does it show that Donnie has ever succumbed to this kind of pressure. Therefore, in my opinion, Donnie being of strong determination and focusing on his future has a big chance, also to make it without having to succumb to peer pressure.
There are great musicians out there that have succeeded and resisted all of these outside influences, nowhere does it say that to succeed in the music industry you need to give in to peer pressure. That is a stereotype which is not a hundred percent true.

John on the other hand came from a small town and is more likely to suffer the cultural shock of living in a big city. He is good in school and loves friends. He is an athlete that always wants to be accepted. Because of this, I still believe that John wanting

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