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Posted by Amy on Thursday, May 8, 2008 at 8:37pm.

For the following balanced equation:
2 Ag+ (aq) + Cu(s) ---> Cu2+ (aq) + 2 Ag(s)
Which letter corresponds to the correct cell notation at standard state conditions?

A. Cu2+(aq)/ Cu(s) // Ag(s) / Ag+(aq)
B. 2Ag+(aq)/ Cu2+(aq)// 2Ag(s)/ Cu(s)
C. Ag+(aq) / Cu2+(aq)// Cu(s) / Ag(s)
D. Cu(s) / Cu2+(aq)// Ag+(aq) / Ag(s)
E. Cu(s) / Cu2+(aq) // 2Ag+(aq) / 2Ag(s)

What reaction is occurring at the anode?

A. Cu2+ + 2e– --> Cu
B. Cu ---> Cu2+ + 2e–
C. Ag+ + e–---> Ag
D. Ag ---> Ag+ + e–

Would this be B for the first one and C for the anode one. I don't really have that much reading regarding this i had to look at this up online the standard states that is

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