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what is an easy way to remember conjigations for the irregular verbs

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    I have taken Frech for 4 years. There is no way. you just have to memorize them. sorry.

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    Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. I'm afraid Sam is right! Here are a few things you can rely on.

    1. The first person p lural of irregular verbs (nous form) ends in -ons, except: nous sommes.

    2. The second person plural (vous) ends in -ez, except: vous dites, vous ĂȘtes, vous faites.

    3. Thge third person plural(ils/elles) ends in -ent, except: ils vont, ils ont, ils sont, ils font.

    4. The two forms for the first p erson singular of pouvoir are interchan geable (peux/puis) except that
    a. the negative is "je ne peux pas" OR "je ne puis
    b. the inverted question form is "puis-je?"


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