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Source Analysis

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I have an upcoming source analysis for my mid year exam in Ancient History, and after my past few source anaylsis', I haven't had of the greatess success. If there any websites or guides that could help me anaylse sources, such as sections of text and pictures.

The problem is that I have to analyse the source for the usefulness and limitation for the source for historians, and when I get my source analysis back, it's always the most vaguest litte detaisl that I have to pick out of form the texts. If there are any suggestion or websites which could help me.

  • Source Analysis -

    There are a few websites in here that should help:

    You also need to work on spelling and word choice. Corrections just in what you wrote above:

    past few source anasyses <~~no apostrophe; -es for plural form

    greatest (not greatess)

    If there are any ...

    analyse (in England) or analyze (in the US)

    vaguest (not most vaguest)

    little details (I think those misspellings were just typos.)

    to pick out from the texts

    Plus at least two sentence fragments

    I'm hoping that what you wrote here was not like what you turn in to class.

  • Source Analysis (correction) -

    should be this:

    past few source analyses

  • Source Analysis -

    obviously they're typos, you don't need to critique my writing, if i wanted it to be perfect, i would have corrected it

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